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Men's Bespoke Tailoring

The Bespoke experience is designed to fit every customer’s needs. 


The process starts with a first appointment where Ali, our head designer at CONTRÓ, meets with the client to define what they need, what they need it for and where they will be wearing it to. With that in mind, they choose together the fabrics and specifics for the tailored piece with the guidance of an expert eye. 


A couple of weeks later, both meet again to try on the piece for the first time to determine the necessary adjustments in order to ensure a perfect fit and for the client to choose the last details, such as buttonhole thread color, button style and initials if requested. 


Sometimes, between the first and the second appointment, a fitting is scheduled to try on a toile of the piece made specially to make sure that everything is tailored to a T before cutting the final fabric. 


  • At CONTRÓ for suits, jackets and pants we only take face-to face appointments in Mexico City. 

  • For tailored-made shirts we can take a virtual appointment or face- to- face. For more info on tailored-made shirts click HERE. 


"CONTRÓ surpassed my expectations in every way. Ali knows her products very well and gave me excellent recommendations. Everything is completely made-to-measure. My suit and shirt fit perfectly and I received a very good service". 

- Groegorio


Our head designer will work with you to deliver your piece exactly how you have it in mind.  


Choose every detail for your bespoke piece from the highest quality selection of materials. 


Every step of the process is designed to ensure every bit of your tailored piece fits to perfection. 


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